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Berit Pet Co., Ltd manufacture kinds of cat litter, such as bentonite cat litter, carbon cat litter, crushed shape cat litter, tofu cat litter and so on. Our products quality very good with strong clumping,less dust and best odor control. We takes cats’ healthy and eco-friendly as the most important thing. So we control all the production processes - from raw material selection to finished products inspection strictly, in order to ensure our products not contain any toxic and chemical additives, safety to both cats and environment. 

With more than 13 years experience on cat litter, our factory has own ore body, full production line and technology innovation system. We supply OEM & ODM service, can help you with package design. You will be satisfied about packaging, production, loading, booking space, final delivery and so on. Also we provide photo& Video production tracking during the whole order procedure. Our business is covered Southeast Asia, Middle East, America and Europe. And receive good feedback from consumers and return order in short time.

Our aim is to supply stable quality products and service, keep her live healthy and happy, and also eco-friendly to environment.


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